Seattle: Portal to the Pacific:

A beacon of hope in the west. A center of enlightenment and the gateway to Alaska. Seattle stands firmly as one of the United States’s most rapidly developing liberal centers. Asiatic, Western, and Native American cultures blend vibrantly into a unique life of their own while industry and progress blossom.

The world is never so simple though, and all is not well in the Portal to the Pacific. Beneath the glimmering exterior of hope lies a land where homelessness skyrockets, infrastructure crumbles, and the poor turn against one another like starving animals. It is a place where the ideals of liberalism twist into fascistic police crackdowns, strict social castes, and where the weight of the government suffocates those it claims to protect.


The Freehold of the Four Winds: Ascendant

“When the third seal snapped they knew their souls were forfeit. Nearly the entire Freehold had gathered for the festival. Only a handful escaped the slaughter. Of those that did, none would ever forget the maniacal laughter that accompanied the culling. An entire generation gone overnight.”
-Jamie “The Ghost” On “Why We Hide.”

In 1983 Seattle was a city won. The Freehold of the Four Winds had successfully held power and been the dominating Lost establishment in the Northwest since 1914. The modern Freehold of the Eastern estate was but a child at the time. A collection of fringe souls set apart in a town across the lake.

That was until one fateful night in February of 1984. In one bloody swoop nearly the entire Freehold was killed or captured by a collaboration of infamous keepers.


Bellevue: Freehold of the Eastern Estate; The Final Bastion


Changeling: Bellevue; The Daedalus Shards

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